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Halloween Ideas

Halloween 2012 Costume Ideas

Halloween 2012 is coming very soon. Have you decided on any Halloween costume yet?

Are you going to be that particular superhero?

Superhero Costume
Superhero Cat Costume


A Unicorn?

Unicorn Costume


Lego Firefighter?

Lego Firefighter Costume



Pacman Costume


Kidnapped in a box?

Kidnapped In A Box Costume


How about a Signboard?

Signboard Costume


You can check out a collection of Halloween costume ideas shared around the world at Halloween 2012 Pinterest.

All Halloween parties are happening this weekend, there will be not enough time for you to shop for Halloween costume online.

If you are able to DIY, it will be interesting to have your own creative Halloween costume.

If not, not to worry, we have compiled a list of Costume Shops in Singapore for those who just want to have fun during Halloween.

You can rent or buy a Halloween costume but be quick, most of the popular costumes have been booked by now.

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