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2012 Tales Of Revenge @ The 13 Cells

Singapore Most Horrifying Halloween House – Tales of Revenge 2012 – Chapter 3

The Village is a professional horror haunt evolving from US Award Winning Concept – TransWorld Haunts. Innovatively constructed and designed, Tales of Revenge 2012 – The Village, promises to scare even the bravest of souls.

The horror masters behind Tales of Revenge have been in the haunt business since 2009 and their favorite hobby is to hear people scream for their lives.

Inspired by other’s fears and phobias, they creatively bring them together in a twisted form of terror. Every year, they traveled to well-known haunted house destinations around the world to gain new inspirations. This year they are proud to bring you a brand new horror experience in a carefully selected location!

This year’s haunt, Tales of Revenge 2012 – The Village, promises to be bloodier and scarier than ever before. It will feature one-of-a-kind props and uniquely designed activities. Unpredictable and highly imaginative, you will be guaranteed plenty of shrilling screams. Tales of Revenge is more than just in-your-face fear; it will shake you to your spines. Phobias will surely come to life in many frightening and intense forms. For Revenge!


2012 Tales Of Revenge The 13 Cells


Seeking a brand new Halloween experience at a location you never dream of?

Come! Join Tales of Revenge this year with your friends to explore the new terrors they have planned for you, a House full of creatures of the dark, with your screams filling the silence of the night!

Away from predictable Halloween hideouts, be the first to check out one of the MOST HAUNTED horror house in the last village in Singapore with US Award Winning concept designed horrors. Tales of Revenge promised you a night you will still be shivering till next year!




House of the Undead @ Punggol “Mysterious Track 23″



19 – 21 Oct 2012
25 – 28 Oct 2012



7pm – 12mn


Ticket Prices

Admission – $48


Where To Buy Tickets

Tickets can be purchase at the venue and online.

For further information, visit the Revenge 2012 website.

* Not Suitable For Children And May Be Disturbing For The Faint-Hearted And Pregnant Women.