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2012 Halloween Bus Tour @ Various Locations

Summer’s over which can only mean that Halloween’s about to creep up on us. Forget looking pretty and posing, this night is all about shocking costumes and sinful behaviour.

For those who survived last year’s party bus and didn’t blackout, you know the deal. Find a hideously grotesque costume (please no Borat thongs and if so Brazilian waxes are a must), entry onto our Hell on wheels busses, free entry and first drink/shot at 4 exclusive bars/clubs and of course copious shots of moonshine on the bus – all for S$40.

Remember, costumes and an unhealthy thirst for drinking are mandatory. All boring bodies will be chucked out.

Please feel free to forward this on to anyone you think will add some extra spice to the night. The more the merrier.

Please confirm your attendance for the Halloween Bus Tour by emailing your full names and phone numbers to


2012 Halloween Bus Tour



Various Locations



27 Oct 2012 (Sat)



7pm till late


Ticket Prices



For further information, visit Halloween Bus Tour Facebook Event.