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2012 The Zouk Doll House Halloween @ Zouk Singapore

“Why don’t you come with me now, little boys and girls?

Don’t you want these lovely little dolls?

I’ll tell you a secret, I’ve got more of these; I’ve got a whole house of dolls just waiting to play with you.

Forget about Chucky and Barbie, I’ve got everything you could ever want from a doll.

I’ve got some undead funerary dolls and pale, porcelain beauties who’ll steal glances when you’re not looking and steal your soul when you’re sleeping.

Come explore my doll house, little one.

I’ve got lifelike Victorian dolls made of wax and Haitian dolls that’ve been cast aside after being used in a hundred voodoo rituals, I’ve got dolls made from the solidified blood of a 5 month old foetus.

But do stop standing there, step in and come see for yourself why me and my little Zouk Doll House want you to be inside with your new friends, forever. We need never be apart ever, poppet. Never …”


Best-Dressed Prize: A pair of air tickets to a faraway country where the dolls play freely! More details to follow shortly.

Free & priority entry for those in FULL costume (as approved by the door dolls, priority given to DOLLS). Entry is not guaranteed if the club is full, so arrive early!


2012 Zouk Doll House Halloween






27 Oct 2012 (Sat)



9pm till late


Ticket Prices


Includes 2 drinks.


For further information, visit Zouk website or Zouk Facebook Page.