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2012 Retro Horror Halloween @ Peranakan Place

Peranakan Place (Emerald Hill) at Orchard Road is going to go retro this Halloween season, with 3 themed parties at Alley Bar, Acid Bar and Outdoors Cafe & Bar. Everything gets creepier because we are bringing back true blue horror – old school style!

Be careful what you wish for this Halloween, because legends from beyond the grave are creeping back to life at Acid Bar for one night only! Groove to the beats of our Live performances by Nelson, Charlene & Kelvin, and Kulture from 7pm to the unearthly hours of 2.15am. Experience the resurrection of MJ, Elvis “The King” Presley, and Amy Winehouse while enjoying our Happy Hour and wicked All Night Long promos!

Prepare to be warped into the nether realm when you tread into the dark and morbid Alley Bar. Watch your steps because you might fall into a boobie trap or get caught in the webs of our resident eight legged freaks! Let the retro 80s mashups by DJs Adrian V & James T spook you – before you realize it, you’ll be dancing away into the twilight zone, never to return… You’ve been warned!

Last but not least, it’s a Disco fiasco at Outdoors Bar where a crazy disco ball will spin the night away! Fill your stomachs, down some shots, and get enchanted by this unique experience! If only the lost and wandering zombies out on Orchard Rd could save your souls from oblivion.

Hold on tight as chilling childhood memories and long forgotten tales of old come back to haunt you at every corner!

No cover charge. So come on down with your favourite Halloween costume, and let’s have a good time with great classic tracks to tickle your ears!


Revenge Of The Boybands In Acid Bar

Mambo Tunes By DJ Adrian V & DJ James T In AlleyBar

Disco Night Fever At Outdoors Cafe & Bar

Every Horror You’ve Seen Grows Pake Beside…

Don’t be ashamed to scream dance and sing-a-long. It helps relieve the tension.


2012 Retro Horror Halloween Peranakan Place



Peranakan Place



27 Oct 2012 (Sat)



7pm till late


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For further information, visit Peranakan Place website.